The process of obtaining a “Saudi visa for Brunei citizens” involves various steps and requirements that need to be met. Whether the purpose of travel is for tourism, business, or religious reasons, understanding these steps is crucial to ensure a smooth visa application process. This article provides a detailed guide to help Brunei citizens navigate the complexities of applying for a Saudi visa.

Types of Saudi Visas

Tourist Visa

The introduction of the Saudi tourist visa has opened up new opportunities for Brunei citizens to explore Saudi Arabia. The tourist visa is primarily for those who wish to visit the country for leisure, explore historical sites, or experience the rich cultural heritage of the Kingdom.

Business Visa

For Brunei citizens looking to engage in business activities, the Saudi business visa is essential. This visa is suitable for attending meetings, conferences, or engaging in business transactions within Saudi Arabia.

Religious Visa

Saudi Arabia is home to the two holiest cities in Islam, Mecca and Medina. The religious visa, also known as the Umrah visa, allows Muslims from Brunei to perform the Umrah pilgrimage. This visa is different from the Hajj visa, which is specifically for the annual Hajj pilgrimage and has more stringent requirements.

Visa Application Process

Online Application

The Saudi eVisa platform has simplified the visa application process for Brunei citizens. Applicants can now apply online, submit required documents, and receive their visas electronically. This process is designed to be user-friendly and efficient, reducing the need for physical visits to embassies or consulates.

Required Documents

When applying for a Saudi visa, Brunei citizens need to prepare several documents. These typically include:

  • Passport: Must be valid for at least six months from the date of entry into Saudi Arabia.
  • Photograph: A recent passport-sized photograph.
  • Travel Itinerary: Details of the planned trip, including flight bookings and accommodation reservations.
  • Proof of Funds: Evidence of sufficient financial means to cover the duration of stay.
  • Health Insurance: Mandatory health insurance that covers the duration of the stay in Saudi Arabia.

Visa Fees

The cost of obtaining a Saudi visa varies depending on the type of visa and the length of stay. It is essential to check the current visa fees on the official Saudi eVisa website or through authorized visa agents to ensure accurate payment. SAUDI VISA FOR BAHRAIN CITIZENS

Processing Time

Standard Processing

Typically, the processing time for a Saudi visa for Brunei citizens is between 2 to 5 business days. However, during peak travel seasons or Islamic holidays, processing times might be longer.

Expedited Processing

For urgent travel needs, Brunei citizens can opt for expedited processing at an additional cost. This service significantly reduces the processing time, often resulting in visa issuance within 24 to 48 hours.

Entry Requirements

Vaccination Requirements

Saudi Arabia requires proof of vaccination for certain diseases, especially during the Hajj and Umrah seasons. Brunei citizens must ensure they have up-to-date vaccinations as per Saudi regulations, which can include vaccinations for meningitis, COVID-19, and other communicable diseases.

Customs Regulations

Travelers must adhere to Saudi customs regulations, which include restrictions on certain items such as alcohol, pork products, and narcotics. It is crucial to familiarize oneself with these regulations to avoid any issues upon entry.

Traveling to Saudi Arabia

Flight Arrangements

Several airlines operate flights between Brunei and Saudi Arabia, often with layovers in major hubs like Kuala Lumpur or Dubai. It is advisable to book flights well in advance, especially during peak travel seasons, to secure the best rates and availability.


Saudi Arabia offers a range of accommodation options from luxury hotels to budget-friendly lodgings. Brunei citizens should book their accommodation in advance and ensure they stay in reputable establishments that comply with local regulations.

Cultural Considerations

Dress Code

Saudi Arabia has a conservative dress code, particularly in public places. Brunei citizens should dress modestly, with women required to wear an abaya (a long black cloak) and cover their hair with a scarf. Men should avoid wearing shorts and sleeveless shirts in public.

Behavior and Etiquette

Saudi Arabia follows strict Islamic laws and customs. Brunei citizens should respect local traditions, including the prohibition of public displays of affection and the observance of prayer times. It is also important to note that during the holy month of Ramadan, eating, drinking, or smoking in public during daylight hours is not allowed.

Useful Tips for Brunei Citizens

Emergency Contacts

It is wise to have a list of emergency contacts, including the Brunei Embassy in Riyadh or the nearest consulate. Additionally, keeping contact numbers for local authorities and health services is beneficial.


While Arabic is the official language of Saudi Arabia, English is widely spoken in business and tourist areas. Brunei citizens may find it helpful to learn a few basic Arabic phrases to enhance their travel experience.

Money and Currency

The official currency of Saudi Arabia is the Saudi Riyal (SAR). It is advisable to carry some local currency for small purchases, although credit cards are widely accepted in most establishments.


Obtaining a Saudi visa for Brunei citizens involves a clear understanding of the various types of visas, the application process, and the necessary preparations for travel. By following the guidelines outlined in this article, Brunei citizens can ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey to Saudi Arabia, whether for tourism, business, or religious purposes. Always refer to official sources or authorized visa agents for the most up-to-date information and requirements.

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