Attention Romanian citizens looking to explore the great white north, get ready for an ultimate guide on how to apply for a Canada visa! Whether you’re planning a family vacation, seeking higher education or simply chasing new opportunities in one of the world’s most diverse countries, this guide will have everything you need to know. From visa requirements and application procedures all the way through to tips on acclimating yourself once you arrive, we’ve got you covered every step of the way. So grab your passport and let’s dive in! CANADA VISA FOR ROMANIA CITIZENS


What is a Canada Visa?

If you are a Romanian citizen and you want to visit Canada, there are a few things you need to do first. The easiest way to get a visa is to apply online. You can also apply through your local consulate or embassy, but applying online is generally the easiest and fastest way to get your visa.

In order to apply for a Canada visa as a Romanian citizen, you will need:

Your passport photo

Your passport application form (available from the Government of Canada website)

Proof of citizenship (a document that shows you were born in Romania or have a legal right to live in Romania)

Proof of residency (a document that proves you currently live in Romania)

Money for your visa fees (can be paid in Canadian dollars or euros)


How to Apply for a Canada Visa as a Romanian Citizen

Romanians can apply for a Canada visa through the Canadian Embassy in Bucharest. Applicants must first have a valid passport and visa from their home country. They also must provide proof of citizenship, such as a birth certificate or naturalization certificate. The applicant must also meet all other requirements for a Canada visa, such as having a clean criminal record and being able to support themselves financially.

The Canadian Embassy in Bucharest will require documentation that proves the applicant’s identity and citizenship. These documents may include photocopies of passport pages, driver’s license pages, voter identification card pages, or school transcripts. CANADA VISA FOR SLOVAKIA CITIZENS

Once the applicant has met all requirements, they will need to visit the Canadian Embassy in Bucharest to submit an application form and pay the application fee. The application process can take up to two weeks tocomplete.


Costs and Process of Applying for a Canada Visa as a Romanian Citizen

Romanian citizens can apply for a Canada visa as long as they meet the requirements set by the Canadian government.

To apply for a Canada visa, Romanian citizens must first visit a Canadian embassy or consulate in their home country.

After arriving at the embassy or consulate, Romanian citizens will need to provide proof of their identity and citizenship. This may include a copy of their passport, driver’s license, or birth certificate.

Next, Romanian citizens will need to fill out an application form. The application form is available in both English and Romanian and requires information such as name, date of birth, address, occupation, etc.

Romanian citizens will need to pay the required fees and submit the completed application form along with all required documents to the embassy or consulate.



If you are a Romanian citizen interested in immigrating to Canada, this is the guide for you. By following these steps, you will be on your way to applying for a Canada visa and living the dream of being able to call this amazing country home. In order to make sure that everything goes smoothly, we strongly recommend that you contact an immigration lawyer beforehand so that they can provide guidance and support throughout the entire process.

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